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To all current and prospective users,

Education is something we believe should be free for everyone. As former college students, we acknowledge the expenses and hardships incurred in learning something and embarking on a new chapter of education. The world is a place where everything, including knowledge, is monetized and turned into a business. While some may argue that this is necessary, we feel that there are some things which should be made accessible to all, regardless of who can pay for them. Education, like healthcare, is one of those things we believe should be free for everyone.

With our apps, we hope to realize our vision of being able to impart knowledge in anyone. We do not want to discriminate between users who are rich or poor, so our apps will always remain free, and we will never ask users to pay a single cent. In light of that, our only way of covering our expenses is by running ads, but even so, it is barely enough to keep us going. While we would definitely want our apps to be ad-free, we simply cannot do so because we do not have any financial backing. Perhaps in the future, a generous donor may be able to financially support our mission, but at the moment, any talk of being ad-free will remain a distant dream.

It pains us when we get really nasty comments or deliberate attempts to ruin our reputation, simply because our apps have ads. Yes, it cannot be denied that no one likes ads, but we more than make up for their presence by going the extra mile to ensure that our apps are filled with the best quality content. Taking our law apps for example, we dare say that no other app -- whether free or paid -- comes close to providing the amount of in-depth discussion of key cases. We do hope that users may be able to understand this.

Please do take your time to give us a 5-Star rating on our apps. By showing others that our app is worthwhile, you are enabling thousands of other people to get access to free law education and education in general. In giving us your ratings, you are also helping to drown out the insensitive and unethical reviews aimed at curtailing our sincere efforts. Support us by giving us your ratings and sharing the app with your friends. With your help, our dream of making education free will be one step closer to reality. You can make a difference.

With that said, thank you all for your patience, loyalty, and support. We hope our current users will stay with us for years to come, and we pray that new users may be patient with us, as well as appreciate and embrace our mission. Our sincerest thanks goes to everyone.

Remember, knowledge is power.

With love,
The members of The SS Team


  1. I enjoy this app very much, I've always been interested in law, but I would like to ask a question? I am a elderly disabled person on SSI and I finally received a section 8 housing voucher nov.2017, then Nov.2018 there was a fire in my apt.caused by a faulty hot water heater,no fault of mine, needless to say there was water damage smoke damage etc. I was allowed to go into the apt to get a few things, I was led to believe I would be back in to my apt. Around January 2019, I ended up going to my son's house in Maryland, I am from Massachusetts, I planned on returning to Ma.on January 4, but when I called the management about apt. Suddenly the date for move in was now Feb. Then March, April then May 1st, now it's May 15th. I am upset because even though I didn't have insurance, I had to go replace a lot of new clothes, toiletries,live in motel pay for take out food, and one day I went back to apt.to try to get some clothes because I was unable to buy more and my personal property that had nothing to do with with fire was ruined, they totally disrespected my property,my stuff was thrown every where dust dirt everywhere!!! No one bothered covering my clothes, things looked worse than the night of fire, I was so upset!!!! My question is is there any legal action I can take to replace my property that was ruined, expenses I've had to pay because of delay month after month,and the stress and depression I have been dealing with because of this whole situation? Thank yo for your time and hope you can answer my question!!!! Sorry it was such a long question

  2. Great job, can you help me with a case update in Nigeria

  3. Great currently at 2019 thomspon ave fort wayne ind not focused at all

  4. Sir Will Answer my Questions immediately In the notes..??

  5. Sir will you Answer my Question immediately in the Notes

  6. i n3ed accuracy stop changing my acco7nts


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