UPDATE 06/01/2022:
To our dearest users, it has been a while since we last informed you about any updates. Our journey to locate another server has not stopped yet. It has been a tough time trying to locate another server and that is why we are unable to find one as of yet. However, we are trying our best to keep our apps maintained and running in spite of the difficulties, a task which we have so far been capable of doing. We really hope that 2022 will be a better year for all of us. Thank you so much for your unconditional support during this time and we hope to continue serving you better. All the best to everyone and Happy New Year! Stay safe.

UPDATE 29/04/2021:
Dear users, we have been told of some occasional loading issues when launching the app. However, such problems are rare and often resolve after a second try. Please do let us know of any other issues, and also do spare some time to tell your friends about our apps and leave us some 5-star reviews. Thank you so much for your support and stay safe!

UPDATE 25/04/2021:
Thank you once again to those who have given us encouragement, whether in the form of donations or by leaving us 5-star reviews. We hope that you may continue to encourage your friends to download our apps. For those who have not yet done so, please spare some time to give our apps 5-stars. We really appreciate your encouragement in this trying time and we hope you'll continue to bear with us as we continue doing our best to keep our apps up and running. You have our sincerest gratitude.

UPDATE 22/04/2021:
Hello everyone, we hope you are doing well. We are still doing our best to keep our apps running while we identify a new server and we hope you remember to keep our apps installed in your device to ensure that all apps are working smoothly. Again, do email us if you face any issues. Stay safe everyone.

UPDATE 07/04/2021:
To our dearest users, thank you once again for your continued support. We are still currently doing our best to maintain app accessibility and usability for all users in light of our situation. We advise you to continue keeping the apps installed in your phone to prevent possible issues, and do encourage your friends who might need our apps to download them as soon as possible. Once again, thank you for your patience and support. Don't forget to show us some encouragement by dropping us some 5-star ratings. Stay healthy and stay safe!

UPDATE 23/03/2021:
Dearest users, we hope you are well. Our efforts to locate a new server are still ongoing and we're glad that our apps are still running for now at least. We hope that you will consider donating to us. If you are not able to do so, we really hope you can give our apps a 5-star review. It would mean the world to us if you can show us some appreciation during this trying time. Either form of support is very welcome right now. Above all, thank you for your kindness and we will continue to do our best for you. Stay safe everyone. 

UPDATE 09/03/2021:
Hello everyone, we hope you and your loved ones are all well. While every day is still an uncertainty for us, we wish to offer a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Yetkin, Jessica, and ITB Enterprises, who have kindly donated to us. Those who wish to donate can still do so, while those who are not in the financial position to do so are encouraged to leave good ratings and kind words on our apps. We hope you can give us some motivation in these uncertain times by leaving your encouraging reviews. Thank you and stay safe everyone! Remember to stay tuned in the announcements.

UPDATE 06/03/2021:
Dear users, it has come to our attention that new users to the app might face some lags on older devices, but other new users have no issues at the moment. If you have any friends who might need the app or if you know anyone who has uninstalled the app and wish to reinstall, they are encouraged to download the app as soon as possible to avoid any unintended issues from arising in this coming period. Users who have our apps installed in their devices are currently free from all problems and are encouraged to keep them installed. Report any issues to us via email, and check the blog for updates. Thank you and stay safe!

UPDATE 02/03/2021:
Dear users, we would like to inform you that the app seems to be working okay as of this moment, except for a few minor issues that we have experienced on our end. However, we are still observing further developments and we advise you to keep our app installed on your device. This is because we are as yet unsure if any problems will arise while using the app if you attempt to reinstall the app after uninstalling it. Please report any issues to us by dropping us an email. Thank you again and we will keep you informed. Stay safe everyone!

Dear users, first of all, we'd like to thank you for staying with us all these years. Covid-19 has changed the world, and it is with great sadness that we're now facing our biggest challenge yet: Seattle Cloud, the server we've been running our apps on. has decided to discontinue operations, effective 28/02/2021. You can read more about that here. Their first painful announcement came in Christmas Eve last year, and since then we have been trying to find a way to save our apps. Long story short: if we can't find another home for our apps before 28/02, all our apps will cease to work.

We come from semi-rural Malaysia, and we know from experience how hard it is for students to study here. Covid-19 has made things worse. Study materials are expensive, and internet access is an even bigger problem. The latter is exemplified in this viral incident which happened just last year. Ever since our inception in 2017, we have arduously striven to provide free education materials to as many people as possible through our apps, so long as they can access the internet for just a little while. All they need to do is to download our apps once, and they will have access to years of research and carefully curated content. We do not ask users to pay for our apps and rely only on revenue from ads to pay for the various costs we incur. Most members of our team have left, not because they did not believe in our mission, but because they had mouths to feed and bills to pay. 

We're currently spending a considerable amount of money and time to find a new home in the hopes that our apps will still work after that. We hope you'll bear with us if things don't go according to plan, but rest assured we're working hard and doing our best to make sure our apps will not be too heavily impacted.

In our 4 years of app development, all we've asked for is that users appreciate the hard work we put in our apps and leave encouraging reviews to continue spurring us on. We have never asked for funds or donations, and have tried to make do with what we get from the ads. As of right now however, we are financially very strained, and a small donation would go a long way for us right now. If all our users can donate just 1USD to us, our burdens would be lessened tremendously. Those who can afford to donate more than that are of course more than welcome to do so.

We really hope that you are able to consider donating to us. If our app has served you well; if you feel like you would like to show your gratitude to us; if you feel that you want to help us in this time of need just as we have helped you in previous years, please consider donating. We're currently only able to accept donations through PayPal, so email us at appinfo.ssproductions@gmail.com for more details. We are in the process of finding a suitable platform to raise some funds, but until then, we hope you guys will come forward and email us to make your donation. 

Looking forward to serving you again soon. Fingers crossed we will be able to serve you well once again.

Much love,
The SS Team


  1. Please tell me how to donate, Paypal doesn't work in my country.

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for your kindness. Please email us at appinfo.ssproductions@gmail.com and we can try to work something out.

  2. This is really bad... Could you please mail me means of donation

    1. Hello and thank you for your kindness. You can email us at appinfo.ssproductions@gmail.com for more details or send payment to that email directly through PayPal.

  3. How can you be on the Seattle cloud when you are on the play store? Google play store has nothing to do with the "Seattle cloud". Why wouldn't your app work when all it does is allow us to read? Plus it's on my phone not on the Seattle cloud, so how does that work? Being on my phone literally means that I don't log into the cloud to get the information. It literally means that once the app is on my phone I can read the information. There are loads of apps that have discontinued their services but you can still use them and they do a lot more than reading. Please stop trying to scam people.

    1. What could be happening is that they are getting their info from a database and loading it onto the app. If you notice when you open the app that it says "configuring" and all that, that COULD mean that theyre getting the lessons through the web. This would make it easier to add and update things. Just a guess though

    2. Ok nevermind. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and turned on airplane mode and disbaled my wifi before opening it for the first time, and I was able to access everything.

    3. Hi there, we understand your concerns but we are only relaying the information that we get. We have been told that our apps will cease to work so that is the information we provide to our users. Accusing us of trying to scam people is highly uncalled for, and we regret that you have to label us that way. The server we run our apps on and the store our apps are listed on are two different things. We do not run our apps on Google's servers, but rather, Seattle Cloud's servers. Conversely, Google Play is where we list our apps. From what we were told, the database and all relevant information for our apps are stored inside Seattle Cloud's servers. As far as we know, whether the app is available online or offline is still highly dependent on the condition that the cloud server continues to store our data. If that data is gone, we are told that the app is gone too, which is why we are currently exploring avenues to migrate to another server without making drastic changes to the app or constructing it from scratch. We hope this helps to clarify things a little for you. Updates will be given from time and time and we will continue to monitor the situation.

  4. This is horrible
    Please let me know ways to donate from an African country

    1. Thank you so much your kindness. You may email us at appinfo.ssproductions@gmail.com for more details or send payment to that email directly through PayPal. Thank you again so much for your support.

  5. I have the question I need your assistance please?


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