The importance of timepieces.

In today's post, we would like to share with you the importance of a quality timepiece. Now, most of us are not that fortunate to have a Rolex Deepsea (as in the pic) passed down to us by our families, so if we want to practice the culture of handing down timepieces, we have to start ourselves.

Of course, a fair amount of the working class will not have the means of affording luxury brands. A  Rolex Deepsea retails for about US$13,995.00 according to With that price however, it is only natural that the quality corresponds. Without going into too much detail, the watch features many of Rolex's superb craftsmanship, and with its history as being the renowned "James Bond watch", it is no surprise that a fair amount of people enjoy the aura and prestige that comes with wearing this brand.

This is not a sponsored post by any means. The author, for one, prefers other luxury brands such as Jaeger Le-Coultre, but he also acknowledges that 100% of the time, the average person on the street would know what a Rolex is, as compared to Jaeger Le-Coultre (and even watch connoisseurs fail to pronounce this correctly sometimes - the proper pronunciation is zhah-zhey leh-koolt'r - and just call it JLC).

Such is the pull of a Rolex. Such is its beauty. The author's friend was prompted to tell him, "When in doubt, get a Rolex." Apparently its value holds much more than other brands over time. For that, we have James Bond to thank.

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Till the next post, take care.