Can success ever be accurately measured?

If success can be measured, how should we do it? How much of happiness should be taken into account? How much money is considered successful? What about relationships and human interaction, where does it come in?

With those few questions, you may have noticed that success cannot be measured in simple terms. However, our team - The SS Team - believe that happiness is the easiest measurement of success. After all, your life is what you make of it, and if you lived your life happily, wouldn't that be success?

Of course, to get that happiness, there will still be many hurdles. For most people, happiness hinges on a certain amount of comfort in a monetary sense coupled with an ease in handling people and relationships. It is the people we connect with as well as our mindset that leads to success. When you view yourself positively and others see you positively, perhaps the journey to success is made that much easier.

Some of us are not born with charm and charisma. We cannot talk our way out of a tricky situation nor are we astute enough to pick up on certain body language. It truly is amazing how such simple things come naturally to some, but elude others.

While true mastery of human interaction cannot be learnt in a short period, there are still ways to learn the very basics that apply in everyday situations. One easy trick is mirroring. When you wish to build rapport with someone, simply mirror them (but care must be taken not to completely imitate each action, lest you come off as weird!). If they lean on their chair, perhaps you can shift your body back a bit. This simple action signals to the other person's brain that the both of you are on the same wavelength, and if you can learn this, you are well on your way to achieving success.

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Now is your chance to take a firm grasp on success and be a new, better you!

Till next time.